Home (Police) Department
About the Department

List of subjects allocated Department wise

  1. Crime detection and punishment of offenders.
  2. Raising and maintenance of Police force including Village Defence Organisation and Meghalaya Police Battalions.
  3. Betting, gambling and raffles.
  4. Explosive.
  5. Arms, fire-arms and ammunition.
  6. State Police Wireless and matters relating to Meghalaya Police Radio Organisation.
  7. Fire Service Organisation.
  8. Checking of infiltrants from Bangladesh to India Sanction for additional Police staff.
  9. Police Intelligence.
  10. Establishment matters relating to Indian Police Service. Assam Police Service (deputationists to Meghalaya) and Meghalaya Police Service.
  11. Establishment matters relating to the Inspector General of Police, his office and his subordinate offices.
  12. Establishment of Police Stations, Outposts, Beat Houses and Check Posts, etc. and revision of the boundaries of existing thanas, outposts, etc.
  13. Matter relating to Forensic Science Laboratory.
  14. Rifle Clubs and Civilian Rifles Training Centres at Police Stations.
  15. Modernisation of Police Forces.
  16. Sousing Schemes. Upgradation of the Standard of Administration,
  17. Execution of the Agreements under the North Eastern Areas(R) Act, 1971.
  18. Creation of Districts, Sub-Divisions and Administrative Unit.
  19. National Police Commission-Matters relating to.
  20. Police Budget (both Central and State).
  21. Deployment of C.R.P.F. for law and order duties.
  22. Deployment of Home Guards for law and order duties.
  23. Court cases and withdrawal of cases—Matters relating to Police Personnel.
  24. Administration Reports.
  25. Police Associations.
  26. Revision of Service Rules and Police Manuals.
  27. Aquisition of land for Police Department.
  28. Departmental buildings—construction of.
  29. Scheme for the welfare of the Police personnel.
  30. Police Training School—Matters relating to P.T. School, Shillong.