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Sections of this Portal

1. Government

Know about the Meghalaya State Government, Who's Who in the Meghalaya State Government as well as in the different Departments.

2. Services

Look for various online services offered by various Government Departments. Easy searched service is also available.

3. Schemes

Schemes offered by the various Departments. Easy search facility to locate the desired scheme is also available.

4. Forms

A repository of Application Forms required for availing various services, schemes and facilities provided by the Government. Easy search facility to locate the desired form is available.

5. Documents

A collection of links to documents (such as Annual Report, Annual Policy note, policy document, state budget,  Budget Related (White Paper/Accounts Statement), performance budget, plan document, guidelines, announcements,  Reports/surveys, statistical report, citizen charter, Magazines/Bulletins,  Gazette Publications, RTI: Public information Officers & Appellate Authorities, Information Guide on Welfare Schemes, RTI: Proactive Disclosure Document) published in the Portal by State Government Departments. Easy search facility to locate the  desired document is also available.

6. Acts and Ordinances

A repository of different acts and ordinances, publish by the different departments of the State Government.  Easy search facility to locate the desired act and ordinance is available.

7. Circulars/ Notifications

A repository of different circulars and notifications, publish by the different departments of the State Government.  Easy search facility to locate the desired circular/notification is available.

8. Rules and Regulations

A repository of different rules and regulations, publish by the different departments of the State Government  necessary for the citizen/employee/government. Easy search facility to locate the particular rule and regulation is  available.

9. Tenders

View the Tenders floated by the various State Government departments of Meghalaya at the State/District level for outsourcing different works and contracts.

10. Citizen Charter

A repository of links to citizen charters, published in the Portal by State Government Departments for the citizen's awareness.

11. Meghalaya Maps

A collection of different Maps of the State/District/Blocks of Meghalaya grouped according to category.

12. Key Contacts

Access the Meghalaya State Government key contact directory, find out who is who in the Meghalaya State Government, and locate the telephone number and their related contact details.

13. What’s news

Contain some of the newly entered/updated contents in the portal.

14. Announcement

A pile of announcements, publish by the different departments of the State government regarding results, recruitments, budget, etc. Easy search facility to locate the desired announcements is also available.

15. GOs of Public Interest

A repository of government orders of public interest, published by the different departments of the State government. Easy search facility to locate the desired government order is also available.

16. Press Release

A pile of press releases, publish by the different departments of the State government. Easy search facility to locate the desired press release is also available. 

17 Terms of use

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18. Site Map

An index based representation of the contents on this Portal. It is organized hierarchically, breaking down the Portal's information into increasingly specific subject areas.

19. Poll/Survey Under Creative Corner

Online poll to check in with the citizens opinion at any time to get a sense of what people are thinking or feeling.

20. Spotlight

Focus on the public Interest such as State Festivals, Events, etc

21. Email Ids

A repository of  Email Ids of various State Government Departments.

22. Calendar

Calendar along with the State Holiday List.

23. Important Links

Links to, invest meghalaya are available in the Website.

24. Social media integration.

Any Content can be shared to the social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc

Last Updated On: 18 Nov 2021